Drachenstich – Spearing the dragon

1431 in August a bloody chapter of the world history was written. A giant army of knights assembled to crusade against the rebelling Bohemians.

The fact that the emperor had their celebrated reformer J.H. be burnt at the stake filled them with indignation. Now a furious war was raging at the border.

But in the shadow of the war suddenly a much more dangerous threat awakes. A monster gets up from the curse which it has been under from time immemorial – the dragon! Murder and blood release in him the elementary power of the evil. With the force of the frenetic nature the dragon cuts a swath of horrible destruction through the country.

Who can stop the beast? Only two people fulfil the prophecy: The young lady of the castle of Furth could save countless lives by sacrificing herself. The fearless knight Udo could beat the monster – but Udo is captured in a net of a mortal conspiracy. Merciless the dragon is moving towards the town.


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